For further information assessments, please see the link below. Please note, you may be able to claim expenses back against your health insurance or taxes (MED1 Form)


It can be difficult to know which assessment you may need, or how it may support you. To help, we operate and offer a consultation model, whereby you can avail of a 1-hr consultation with the Chartered Senior Clinical Psychologist prior to fully engaging in one of the below assessment processes.

Consultations last approximately 1hr, and any assessment following the consultation will have the consultation fee deducted from the total. Consultations may include psychometric screening, and a summary letter is completed. If an assessment is considered appropriate, a breakdown of costs will be discussed, as below, before you decide to proceed.

Consultation Fee (1hr): €150

Child and Adolescent Assessments

Adult Assessments

  • Adult Educational Assessment – €500
  • Adult Intellectual Disability Assessment – €750 
  • Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment – €1100

Neuropsychological Assessments

Neuropsychological assessments typically start with a consultation, following a letter of referral from a GP/Consultant. The hourly rate for neuropsychology assessments are €150.

There are typically two types of assessment, a screening assessment and a full assessment.

A screening assessment incorporates four to five hours of assessment (including the composition of a detailed report; range €600-750).

A full neuropsychological evaluation typically taking between seven to nine hours (inclusive of the composition of a detailed report; range €1050-1350).  

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